PDF Co-browsing

Feature Spotlight

PDF Co-browsing

PDF Co-browsing allows agents and customers to collaboratively view and interact with PDF documents in real-time during a co-browsing session. Agents can continue guiding customers between websites and complex documents, such as contracts, bills, or application forms, without requiring the customer to upload files or download special software.

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Why it matters

PDF Co-browsing ensures that agents can seamlessly follow users through their entire journey. This uninterrupted flow is vital for effective support, as it allows agents to continue providing real-time guidance with full co-browsing capabilities. A typical co-browsing session with most vendors would be interrupted whenever a PDF document is accessed, adding friction to users’ experience. If a vendor does have support for PDF documents, it’s often in the form of file sharing only. When a document is shared, it would lack data redaction, annotation, and other vital co-browsing tools, impacting security and efficiency.

With PDF Co-browsing, agents can see and interact with PDF documents just as the customer does, providing help when and where needed, all within the same secure co-browsing journey.

PDF Co-browsing in action

PDF co-browsing gives you a secure, efficient, and user-friendly solution for collaborating with users on PDF documents in real time.

Redaction continues
to work with PDFs

Cobrowse.io ensures that redaction continues to work seamlessly with PDFs, protecting any sensitive information within the document. This provides peace of mind for users and your business, ensuring sensitive data remains secure and private when sharing PDF documents.

Built-in support

Cobrowse.io offers built-in support for PDF co-browsing; developers will not have to add extra code or logic to your website to enable this feature. This ease of use allows agents to continue assisting customers as they open documents, without unexpected technical hurdles or delays.

No manual document uploading

PDF co-browsing provided by Cobrowse.io works automatically whenever a PDF document is accessed, which differs from file sharing. Users do not need to upload or select a file from their computer, making this feature effortless and foolproof. 

Consent prompts
for all third-party data

Cobrowse.io includes consent prompts for any third-party data that might be shared during a co-browsing session. This ensures that customers are fully aware and in control of their information, fostering trust and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. 


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