Boost Intercom Interactions with Cobrowse

Are you looking for a complete business solution for customer support or sales? Cobrowse offers seamless integration of collaborative browsing capabilities with Intercom. Empower your agents to provide top-notch service by taking control of your app on customers' devices!
Boost Intercom Interactions with Cobrowse

Quick Cobrowse Setup

Our smooth process only has three simple steps: install the app from the Intercom App Store, add our SDKs, and start end-to-end testing! Leverage your teams' expertise in Intercom by blending the full suite of co-browsing features to offer top-notch customer experiences!

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Better Customer Experiences

Offer proactive support to your users and clients in a secure and easy-to-use platform. Co-browse your customers' screens in real-time with a top-notch suite that supports all platforms and does not require downloads.

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Multi-Platform Access

We know users have different preferences regarding operating systems, so we ensured Cobrowse works on all main platforms. Walk through with your clients at Web, Android, iOS, React Native, Xamarin, Windows, and MacOS!

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More Intuitive Processes

Harness the industry-leading cobrowsing solution for all your Intercom chat interactions. Empower your agents with one-click connections, annotation tools, and optional remote control for improved call center metrics and customer satisfaction.

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We get that a lot! However, there are many key differences between co browsing and screen sharing, like session recording for teams to refer back to the fix in the future. We also offer annotation tools to convey and retain useful information and the ability to remote control your application on the customer's device. Additionally, our solution allows you to Cobrowse across mobile, web, and desktop. Most vendors allow web-only functionality.


Further, our redaction feature allows you to black out sensitive information for apps where privacy is paramount. This feature only hides selected data from the agent: your customers can see redacted content as normal. This crucial peace-of-mind addition is quite the star among many of our co-browsing banking customers!


These are just a few of the benefits. Check out the full list of the differences between us and the competition.

At Cobrowse, data residency and compliance are always a priority. That's why we adhere to GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and AICPA SOC compliances. Moreover, we back up these measures with ISO 27001 certification, DPA/BAAs, and the flexibility to self-host Cobrowse on the cloud or 100% on-premises.


Data security is at the heart of Cobrowse’s features. We prioritize user-driven measures to maintain compliance obligations, such as data masking, user consent, single sign-on (SAML), session video recordings, audit logs, and integrated reporting.

We hope your agents will tell you what a difference it is making! However, the analysts in your team should see handle times go down due to being able to see your users' problems firsthand, while CSAT scores should go up due to the improved quality of support.

Being in the same room for a sales pitch is powerful. But when that isn’t possible, being able to show your product in real-time is just as strong. With remote sales, your team can make their interactive pitch more unique. Think of all the questions and concerns a customer might have pre-checkout and imagine being able to cover those live, instantly, with cobrowse technology!

Our industry-leading cobrowsing solution is designed to be highly configurable and extensible out-of-box to meet many customers' needs. We are also available on a case-by-case basis to add new features or change how things work to meet your requirements.

You may find our Cloud Terms of Service and Data Processing Agreement at Legal Terms for self-service customers. We have a separate enterprise software license agreement for Enterprise customers, including our enterprise service level agreement.

Next Steps

We’d be happy to give a product demo, answer any technical questions, or share best practices.