The power of cobrowsing for healthcare

User-based, HIPPA-compliant Cobrowsing solutions for the healthcare industry.

The power of cobrowsing for healthcare

What is Cobrowse for healthcare?

With Cobrowse solutions, modern healthcare organizations can deliver the digital customer experiences healthcare patients expect. In tech-driven times, keeping human-to-human interactions at the heart of your customer journey can be challenging. Yet, no matter location, devices, or OS, patients can have effortless healthcare-related interactions with Increase your healthcare solutions while complying with HIPAA regulations and move forward with a patient-centered care model!

Improved healthcare with Cobrowsing

From plan choosing, insurance option navigation, and checkout healthcare assistance, enrich the given experiences to cater to the needs of your wide array of users:

Empathic Processes

Foster business trust and increase customer satisfaction with a people-first approach catered to users' specific needs, like extra assistance to navigate online healthcare platforms.

Personalized Experiences

Address the wide variety of user and patient demands with guided procedures and workflows, and lead the path toward more personalized healthcare customer service.

Familiar Procedures

Boost customer loyalty by teaching users how to make the most out of all types of eHealth operations with quick human support for online inquiries.

How is Cobrowse different?

The recent pandemic accelerated the need for technological solutions in healthcare, with users and patients moving quickly to alternatives like telehealth solutions. Yet, as often happens, each user has specific demands that all-in-one solutions cannot respond to. As businesses outgrew the COVID-19 emergency, it became clear that no tech upgrade can achieve positive long-term results without a people-first approach.

That's why co browsing is such a powerful tool! This top-notch solution blends physical and digital strengths to seek patients' well-being at all stages. With co-browsing, agents browse alongside users while redacting personal data regardless of their preferred platform or device. Our suite of SDKs works with Web, iOS, Android, React Native, Xamarin, MacOS, and Windows for complete healthcare assistance, as well as remarkably updated capabilities:


Most vendors support website co-browsing only


Full support for Web, Android, iOS, React Native, Xamarin, Windows, MacOS



WebRTC-only solutions cannot provide data masking, annotation, or remote control


Major features supported on all platforms


Session recordings / Audit log

Limited, if any, recording ability


Text-based and full video recordings of every session - all agent actions can be recorded for audit reporting



Hit or miss


Designed for integrations - build it directly into your own products


Mobile SDKs

No support, or if supported, typically screenshare only


All features supported on Android & iOS


Private / Self-hosted

Not available, or requires legacy tooling and a hassle to run


Host privately in your chosen provider and region, or self-host via our Terraform for AWS, GCP, Azure, or on-premises


Next Steps

Upgrade your healthcare business with the modern tech solutions worldwide users request. Get in touch with us to talk about demos, technical questions, and best practices!