Powerful, Flexible, Trustworthy


Experience universal cobrowsing across all platforms, including mobile apps, third-party websites, and PDFs.


Leverage your existing workflows and channels rather than recreating them. Customize more than just logos and colors.


Ensure trust with advanced redaction and flexible deployment: Cloud, Self-Hosted, or On-premise.

Cobrowse is a contact center technology add-on which enables agents to browse and navigate your digital platforms with your customers in real time.

Blurry app dashboard
Agent and customer interacting during a co-browsing session An agent with a headset A customer holding their phone
Supported platforms
Agent tools
Audit trail
Device info with connect button

Unlock more varied use cases without limitation

Small technology differences can have an outsized impact on your business outcomes

A woman with a laptop talking on the phone

Android & iOS Mobile Co-browse

Full co-browse for native mobile platforms without bloating your apps
(< 0.6MB SDKs)

Three desktop app windows

"Universal" Co-browse for 3rd Party Websites

3rd party website support, without adding any code

A co-browing session where a PDF is being annotated

PDFs and 3rd Party Content

Collaborate with customers on PDF documents, or other third party content

A browser window with two icons crossed out: download and plugin

No downloads, no plugins

Connect to your customers without creating friction

An image representation of a mobile phone capturing video from its camera

Mobile camera share

See what the customer is seeing in real-time, in real life

An agent to the left presenting their screen to a customer

Agent present mode

Enable your agents to share content back to the customer

Support for web and mobile apps was essential, and this wasn’t something other vendors were able to deliver.
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Quynh Nguyen

Product Manager, Agent Tooling, Customer Service


Avoid every extra point of friction for both Agents and Customers

A streamlined integration enables both Agents and Customers to succeed

Device connect screen overlay on top of a woman talking on the phone

Start sessions with SMS, deep links, 6-digit codes, SmartConnect buttons, and more

100% white label by default

Agents working on their computers Supported CRM icons

Drop-in CRM integrations

Custom UI/UX, Custom Agent Embeds

I was blown away by how easy it was to integrate into our product and agent workspace
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Ian Roberts

Director, Care Operations & Technology


Maintain customer trust and data integrity with every engagement

Your customers, and your company, require a competent technical and business partner

A payment screen with text inputs, some of them redacted

Unmatched data redaction capabilities

Redaction by default, redaction hotfix ability, granular redaction in native webviews, SwiftUI and Android compose.

A session audit trail with a list of actions

Robust audit functionality

Keep complete records of every interaction with customized consent prompts, optional session video recordings, and tamperproof detailed audit logs.

A part of a world map with a pin on it

Deploy co-browse your way

Over 50 global enterprises run their own instance of Cobrowse across AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or in their own on-premise data centers.

Backed by industry leading certifications and compliances

ISO 27001 certified logo HIPAA compliant logo AICPA SOC logo CCPA compliance logo GDPR logo
Cobrowse aligns perfectly with our stringent security, legal, and compliance standards. As a financial institution, maintaining the highest levels of security is non-negotiable.
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Athanasios Chatzoglou

Director of Customer Service

See the differences clearly


Full support for Web, Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS

Other solutions

Most vendors support website co-browsing only

Universal co-browse

Browse, navigate, annotate, and control 3rd party websites and apps without adding any code

Other solutions

No support for 3rd party websites and apps, or limited support via screenshare only

Data masking / redaction

The ability to redact everything by default and allowlist only specific content, redact within native webviews, iOS SwiftUl and Android Compose

Other solutions

Must explicitly mark sensitive content as redacted, causing a lengthy quality assurance process and elevated risk of leaks

100% whitelabel

Use your company's existing UI components and styles for both Agent and End-user interfaces

Other solutions

Ability to change colors and logos only

SDK size and performance

Highly efficient SDKs, with web less than 200kb and mobile less than 600kb

Other solutions

Large SDKs bloat apps and damage performance

Session initiation

Initiate co-browse using push notifications, SMS, and 6-digit codes from either agents or end-users, or bring your own channel

Other solutions

Restricted by vendor to use only one or two ways to connect

Session recordings

Data API for detailed audit events, reporting integrations, plus optional video recordings

Other solutions

Limited, if any, recording ability

Cloud, self-hosted, and on-premise

Deploy with Docker, Kubernetes, VMs or bare metal across any cloud provider, on-premise data centers, or air-gapped networks

Other solutions

Almost all vendors require some hosted components or phone-home capability, or do not offer free technical PoCs because their software is too difficult to deploy

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