Technology built right

The most feature-rich and configurable Cobrowse solution on the market, guaranteed.

More features, more use cases

The most feature-rich Cobrowse - enable the features you need, and deliver the UX to match your brand.

Cobrowse maintains platform SDKs for Web, Android, iOS, React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, MacOS, and Windows.

More features, more use cases

Embed into existing workflows

Adapt Cobrowse to your existing agent and end-user workflows, not the other way around.

Use our defaults, or leverage our client libraries and APIs to customize everything.

Embed into existing workflows

Built for integrations

Pre-built integrations for Genesys, Salesforce, Zendesk, Intercom, and Freshdesk.

Private “feature-as-a-service” OEM integrations with several leading private CRMs and CX platforms.

Integrate co-browse into your own products with our best-in-class developer APIs.

Built for integrations
Trusted by companies spanning small startups to the Fortune 500

How is Cobrowse different?

Platforms Platforms

Most vendors support website co-browsing only Others
Full support for Web, Android, iOS, React Native, Xamarin, Windows, and MacOS Cobrowse

Function Function

WebRTC-only solutions cannot provide data masking, annotation, or remote control Others
Data masking, annotation, and remote control supported across both Web and Mobile Cobrowse

Session recordings / Audit log Session recordings / Audit log

Limited, if any, recording ability Others
Full video recordings and audit logs available for every session Cobrowse

Integrations Integrations

Hit or miss Others
Designed for out-of-box integrations, or embed it directly into your own products Cobrowse

Mobile SDKs Mobile SDKs

If supported at all, typically screenshare only and require 20MB+ SDKs, or rely only on ReplayKit Others
All features supported on Android & iOS, and highly optimized Mobile SDKs (iOS 0.6 MB, Android 0.3 MB) Cobrowse

Private / Self-hosted Private / Self-hosted

Not available, or requires legacy tooling and a hassle to run Others
Docker-based microservice architecture can be self-hosted across AWS, Azure, GCP, or fully on-premise Cobrowse

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