Use Case

Co-browsing for remote sales

The problem

Abandoned carts

In a digital economy, remote or online sales have become the norm rather than the exception, with most consumers (59%) preferring the convenience of an online purchase. There is an obvious appeal to being able to purchase from the comfort of your home, but the benefits of a self-service environment are only realized if the process is frictionless.

Online purchasing is supposed to be a simple process. If complexity or uncertainty is introduced at any stage, digital customers are quick to abandon the process (70% of online shopping baskets are abandoned before purchase) and seek an alternative. With a wide choice of purchasing options available to customers, a single bad experience could turn a potentially loyal customer into a lifetime detractor.

The solution

Remote guidance

Co-browsing is the ideal way to reintroduce a personalized experience to remote sales. The real-time guidance and collaborative experience that co-browsing provides has a positive impact on customer engagement, enables immediate problem solving and can facilitate up-sell and cross sell opportunities.

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How co-browsing impacts remote sales

Co-browsing is used by sales and support departments around the world, not only to deliver a more frictionless sales experience, but also to reduce the cost of sales and provide valuable customer insight:

Reduce abandon rates/increase conversion rates.

Lower the overall costs of sales.

Shorten the selling cycle for complex products and services.

Improve CSAT and NPS scores.

Deliver valuable insights into buying behavior.

Increase average sales value and wallet share.

Cobrowse in action

Introducing Cobrowse to the remote selling process impacts behavior before, during and after the purchase. It is used by organizations across a wide range of industries to deliver a more frictionless, personalized experience, including financial services, retail, automotive, software, hospitality, real estate, utilities and more. The more complex the purchase, the greater the value Cobrowse can add.

Financial services Financial services
Co-browsing provides essential sales support to the banking, insurance, and investment sectors. Sales agents are better equipped to support purchasers as they navigate the range of financial products and services available online. Co-browsing is particularly powerful when it comes to helping customers complete complex, online application forms. Real-time guidance during purchase mitigates the risk of errors and helps establish a foundation of trust between company and customer.
Retail Retail
Co-browsing is used to great effect by online retailers; helping customers to navigate online catalogs, providing insight into key features and product comparisons, and choosing payment or delivery options. Re-introducing a personalized, guided experience to the remote purchase reduces shopping cart abandonment, increases average sales value, and contributes to both CSAT and NPS.
Automotive Automotive
The automotive retail sector has been transformed in recent years, with 90% of potential purchasers conducting online research before setting foot in a dealership. Research indicates 70% of customers would be happy to purchase completely online, a number that increases to almost 90% amongst EV purchasers. Co-browsing is used to guide customers through car configuration, virtual tours and lease or finance options.
Software Software
For many software sales the process is entirely remote. Using Cobrowse, software companies are improving conversion and adoption rates by improving customer engagement throughout the buying cycle. From online product demonstrations to customer onboarding, configuration and troubleshooting, co-browsing offers real-time, personal guidance to ensure customers accelerate time to value of their new purchase.
Real Estate Real Estate
Real estate agents are using co-browsing technology to support home buyers and renters in their search for a property. Collaboratively browsing online listings, completing documents digitally and even giving guided virtual tours is helping to streamline the house purchase process.
Utilities Utilities
The telecommunications, gas, and power industries are frequent innovators in the fields of sales and support. With such a broad range of services and payment plans available, customers appreciate the real-time, guided experience that Cobrowse provides; helping them navigate the options available and choose the best plan for them.

Harness the power of Cobrowse to enable both agents and customers to succeed.