Session Initiation

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Session Initiation

Session initiation refers to how a co-browsing session between an Agent and a Customer is first started. Perhaps the Customer has called the contact center and is speaking to an Agent to assist with opening an account. The Agent requests a co-browsing session with the Customer, but how is this request sent to the correct Customer, and what additional steps does the Customer need to take in an already complicated troubleshooting experience? 

Our flexible approach to session initiation means you can choose from a range of options that allow either your agent or your customer to be in control of the process, whether they are looking to initiate a session via a call or messaging channel.

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Why it matters

Co-browsing is a powerful tool that can contribute to agent success. However, if starting a co-browsing session requires extra steps, or doesn’t feel natural to the customer, it could add friction to an already complex sales or support engagement.

Session initiation should use channels that customers are familiar with, whether in-app prompts with your company’s brand, push notifications, or links sent over SMS. Utilizing a channel your customer is comfortable with will provide the smoothest and most trusted experience. However you do it, customers expect it to be simple and secure.

Session initiation in action

Cobrowse offers the widest range of session initiation methods of any provider, including the ability to bring-your-own-channel. Your choice of session initiation protocol will be determined by individual customer circumstances.

If your Agent is already on a call and speaking to a Customer who is logged in, you could choose a push notification, 1-Click connect or in-app prompt to start the session.

If you are dealing with a caller who has not authenticated themselves, the Customer (or the Agent) can generate and share a 6-digit code. This provides an additional layer of security to the process and is an effective anti-fraud measure.

If you have your Customer’s mobile number, you can send them an SMS link to start the session. Session information can be pre-filled in the link, so it loads immediately.

Fast, Seamless

1-Click connect


See the Customer’s device listed in your CRM, Agent clicks Connect to initiate the session, Customer accepts the incoming session to begin


Instant connection, no additional steps needed for Agents or Customers

Industry Standard, Failsafe

6-Digit code


Agent or Customer generates and shares a code, the code is entered to begin the session


Reliable and simple for all situations

Simple, Flexible

Session link


Agent sends SMS or Email link, Customer clicks to join the session


Personalized landing pages or pre-filled forms, easy experience for the Customer

Familiar, Native to Mobile

Push notification


Select the Customer’s device, Customer sees a native push notification on their device


Fast and simple channel for Mobile that launches the Customer directly into your app when clicked

Customize It Perfectly

Bring your own channel


Completely tailor to your custom channel needs, and initiate with ease


Re-use any existing channels that your Agents and Customers are already familiar with


Harness the power of Cobrowse to enable both agents and customers to succeed.