Mobile Camera Share

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Mobile Camera Share

Mobile camera share allows users to share the live feed from their mobile device’s camera during support calls. This makes troubleshooting the physical environment, such as the need to diagnose issues with internet routers or utility meters, much easier - without needing an expert to attend in person. By leveraging the mobile camera, agents can provide accurate and effective remote support in real-time.

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Why it matters

Mobile camera share bridges the gap between digital and physical troubleshooting. When users face issues with hardware, describing the problem verbally can be challenging and imprecise. The ability to show the problem visually to an agent allows for a clearer understanding and more accurate diagnosis.

Without mobile camera sharing, miscommunication can occur, leading to prolonged support calls and frustration for both parties. Users may struggle to explain their issues adequately, and agents may find it difficult to provide effective solutions without seeing the problem firsthand. This can result in repeated calls and unresolved issues. When issues cannot be diagnosed or are incorrectly diagnosed due to lack of visibility, it can lead to unnecessary and expensive onsite visits.

With mobile camera share, the remote support experience is greatly enhanced. Agents can see the problem in real time, allowing them to provide precise and timely guidance. This reduces the time to resolution, minimizes user frustration, and improves overall satisfaction. It can also reduce error rate (in the case of meter readings) and even improve customer safety.

Mobile Camera Share in action

Using mobile camera share with Cobrowse provides a robust solution for enhancing remote customer support. Agents can see exactly what the user is seeing in real time. This direct visual access enables agents to provide precise guidance and solutions for physical device issues. It significantly enhances the ability to troubleshoot complex problems that would be challenging to resolve over a traditional support call.

Cobrowse allows users to share their mobile camera view seamlessly from both web and native mobile app sessions. This ensures users have a consistent and convenient experience, regardless of the platform they are using, and that agents do not need even more platform-specific training, allowing for quick transitions and effective support.


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