Session Replay

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Session Replay

Record a complete audit trail of every action taken by both the user and agent during a co-browsing session. Session Replay provides an accurate, tamper-proof record of every interaction: see exactly how users and agents navigate your site or mobile apps, where they encounter issues, and what actions the user and agent take to achieve success.

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Why it matters

Audit and quality assurance:

Session Replays are a valuable tool when it comes to compliance monitoring and quality assurance. A verifiable audit trail can be instrumental in resolving disputes, and ensuring interactions with agents comply with internal policies and external regulatory requirements - something that is particularly important in highly regulated industries

Invaluable product feedback:

Observing real user interactions reveals how your website and mobile apps are used; highlighting common pain points and unexpected behaviors. Direct visibility of the user experience provides a greater depth of information than limited surveys and feedback forms, offering true product insight for continuous improvement and user-centric development.

Make every agent an all-star:

Sessions Replays provide high-impact training materials and are a great way to improve agent troubleshooting. Whether you are onboarding new agents or conducting performance reviews of experienced employees, session replays provide real-world examples of user/agent interactions, help refine customer care techniques, and establish best practices.

Session Replay in action

The data available from Session Replay with helps sales and support departments improve customer service, ensure compliance and provide valuable feedback on product or service performance.

Data API

Cobrowse provides a robust Data API to automatically synchronize detailed session data with your existing reporting tools. Augment your reporting with comprehensive co-browsing data from every user interaction and enhance data-driven decision-making for your contact center.

Full event capture

Unlike some providers that only capture partial interactions, full event capture with Cobrowse means there are no gaps in visibility, offering a complete and accurate picture of user and agent behavior and interactions.

Full video replay

View optional video recordings of sessions, to add a visual dimension to the data. Video session replays make understanding user and agent actions simple, providing a more intuitive and accessible way to review sessions. Cobrowse’s video session replays work across websites, mobile websites, iOS and Android apps, giving you full insight across all your supported platforms.


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