Use Case

Cobrowse for remote support

The problem

Lack of visibility

Today’s customers have high expectations when it comes to customer service. Innovative companies who get this right are setting a higher standard and gaining market share. Your performance during a few, critical interactions can either result in a lost customer or drive their loyalty for years to come.

Automation has gone a long way to improving the efficiency of customer support. But when customers need you most and connect with a support agent, the costs increase quickly and metrics decline if your agents are not equipped and trained to succeed.

The solution

Equip your agents

Cobrowse enables your agents to collaboratively navigate your website, mobile apps, and 3rd party digital content with your customers in real-time, as if they were standing side-by-side in a retail store or getting help from a friend. This enables your agents to see customer problems clearly, and immediately move towards the right solution the first time around.

“This technology has proven invaluable for tackling complex cases, assisting new customers, and supporting those who may be less tech-savvy”.

Better communication creates better outcomes for both customers and agents. Happy agents make happy customers, and co-browsing technology drives agent satisfaction (ASAT) alongside your customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores.

How your company handles these “critical moments” can have an impact on:

Customer satisfaction

90 %

CSAT amongst customers using Cobrowse

Agent experience

92 %

satisfaction rating amongst contact center agents

First call resolution rates

15 %

increase in FCR and 40% reduction in AHT

Bottom Line profitability

82 %

probability of repurchase or renewal

Cobrowse in action

The immersive nature of a Cobrowse experience makes it the ideal solution for a range of complex customer interactions across multiple sectors, including financial services, public sector, retail, utilities, and software. The versatility of co-browsing means it is also perfect for specific workflows, no matter the industry, e.g. form completion, human resources, and customer onboarding.


Financial services Financial services
From day-to-day account management and financial transactions to more complex portfolio management scenarios, Cobrowse helps customers navigate complex account structures or self-service portals whilst maintaining the privacy of their personal and financial data. The ability to redact sensitive information makes co-browsing a secure and compliant way to deliver excellent customer service.

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Public sector Public sector
Negotiating public sector service sites can often be frustrating, particularly when users need to complete complex online application forms. Errors in form submissions can cause delays in processing, calculation errors, and significant distress to vulnerable citizens. Co-browsing provides exceptional, hands-on support for users, helping to accelerate the process and improve the accuracy of data submission. Universal co-browse enables agents to assist users even when they jump across multiple websites to complete a task.
Software support Software support
Software comes in many guises including websites, mobile apps, or enterprise software. The average user has somewhere between 30 and 40 apps on their phone. With the ability to self-serve in terms of download and installation, many companies are crushed under an influx of support issues. The cross-platform and browser support provided by co-browsing allows agents to provide personalised guidance for multiple apps on the same device.

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“Since implementation, we’ve lowered AHT by 26%. Not only does that improve the customer experience, but it also impacts revenue.”

Online retail Online retail
The trend towards e-commerce continues unabated, with almost 20% of global retail sales taking place online in 2023. However, with a wide range of options as to where they can buy, customer loyalty is hard to come by. If online retailers are to avoid a race to the bottom in terms of price, they must offer a better online experience – for both purchase and support. Co-browsing enables agents to fulfil the role of a virtual assistant, helping customers find the right products, identifying possible bundle and add-on sales opportunities or arranging shipping and returns. For online retailers, co-browsing can help increase average order value and reduce shopping cart abandonment rates.
Telecom and Utilities Telecom and Utilities
The utilities and telecommunications marketplaces are both competitive and price-sensitive. Customers are actively encouraged to switch tariffs or vendors and are faced with a broad range of offers to choose from. Navigating these options, or even getting to grips with their latest statement, can be confusing. Co-browsing can be used by agents to guide customers through the features and benefits of different service plans, or devices, helping them make better-informed decisions. It can also be used to help customers navigate self-service portals and rapidly provision new services.


Human resources Human resources
Support isn’t always about external customers. For larger organizations, co-browsing enables internal stakeholders to onboard new employees rapidly and to guide others through the use of self-service HR portals. Co-browsing can reduce the burden of support on HR departments and accelerate the adoption of new employee services.
Form completion Form completion
Online form submissions, applications and registrations can be difficult to navigate, particularly for the less tech-savvy user. Involved processes like loan applications, tax returns, or contracts carry an inherent risk of error. Co-browsing provides the most interactive way for agents to guide users through the form submission, ensuring the right information is provided, first time.
Customer onboarding Customer onboarding
Whether it’s first-time use of a product or service, co-browsing has a role to play in ensuring users get off on the right foot. If a customer’s first experience is a bad one, long-term adoption and advocacy are likely to suffer. Co-browsing allows agents to not only guide users through any set-up processes but also demonstrate key features and ensure customers get maximum value out of their investment.

Harness the power of Cobrowse to enable both agents and customers to succeed.