Custom Agent Integrations

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Custom Agent Integrations

Custom agent integrations allow companies to seamlessly integrate directly into their existing contact center software and bespoke agent workflows. This means that agents can work within a unified workspace, incorporating co-browsing into their single pane of glass view for all tools and interactions.

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Why it matters

Custom agent integrations streamline activity by consolidating tools into a single interface whilst maintaining existing workflows. Agents can manage interactions more efficiently, resulting in faster and more effective customer support. Integration with existing flows reduces the complexity of switching between multiple applications, improving productivity and agent satisfaction.

If agents are required to navigate multiple software applications, it can lead to fragmented workflows and an increased chance of error. This disjointed approach can slow response times, frustrate agents, and negatively impact the customer experience. Inconsistent interfaces and multiple logins can also add friction and reduce the efficiency of the support process.

With custom integrations, agents benefit from a cohesive work environment, allowing them to focus on resolving customer issues quickly and effectively. However, the benefits are not only felt by agents; customers will notice the difference too. If your co-browsing solution is not fully integrated, the handover between systems will be noticeable. It may not match your customers’ expectations, nor accurately reflect the brand experience you want to deliver. Subtle differences, such as how sessions are initiated, can mean the difference between a smooth or stuttering experience.


Fully Customizable UX/UI

Fully Customizable UX/UI provides extensive functionality to allow the co-browsing feature to be tightly integrated into all existing agent desktops, workspaces, and workflows. The UI can be fully customized to present a coherent look and feel - much more than a simple logo and color change. This ensures the co-browsing functionality is a natural extension of the agent’s daily tasks, enhancing efficiency.

Unified Workspace

Unified Workspace

By integrating into existing contact center software, companies can provide agents with a unified workspace, offering a single pane of glass view. This reduces the need to switch between applications, streamlining workflows and improving overall productivity.

Simplified Change Management

Simplified Change Management’s custom integration capabilities enable easier contact center upgrades or migrations between contact center platforms. This flexibility ensures that the co-browsing functionality can adapt to changing business needs or infrastructure updates without disrupting agent workflows. The ability to migrate seamlessly between systems maintains continuity in customer support operations, no matter the challenge.


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