Connect to users with Cobrowse for Genesys

Cobrowse allows you to connect with your customer in real-time to get them the support they need, quickly and efficiently. Integrate it with Genesys Cloud or Genesys Engage, to enable screen share and easier troubleshooting.


You’ll then be able to provide support, as if you were in the same room, by seeing exactly what a customer sees on their device.

Connect to users with Cobrowse for Genesys

Get going on Genesys Cloud

Prepped and ready to go - our SDKs have been built to provide a fast and frictionless start in mind. Combine Genesys Cloud with Cobrowse by installing it from the App Foundry as a Premium App. Then you’ll be ready to support your customers through anything they need in your app or on your website.

Install Cobrowse for Genesys Cloud
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Our support for Genesys Engage

There are two ways you can integrate Cobrowse on the platform: through Engage Workspace Web Edition (WWE) or Engage Workspace Desktop Edition (WDE). Both options have given our clients the flexibility to integrate Genesys Engage in a way that best fits their company.

Install Cobrowse for Genesys Engage
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Try it for free

Cobrowse runs at the heart of numerous sales and support teams worldwide. It has changed their companies, for the better, and we’re confident it will do the same for yours. We’re so sure of this, that we’ve made it free to set up and test.
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Multi-platform support

Customers have different preferences when it comes to operating platforms and this shouldn’t compromise the level of support they receive from you. That’s why we’ve ensured Cobrowse runs easily on every major platform: Web, Android, iOS, React Native, Xamarin, Windows, and MacOS.

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Customization is key

Your company is unique and it will have its own requirements for software like Cobrowse. That’s why we made it completely customizable so you can make it work for your exact needs.
Customization is key


The features of Cobrowse push it beyond basic screen share. Our annotation feature means agents can direct the customer to certain parts of the app for increased clarity. Full video recording also allows your team to catalog a fix and go back to it in future. It also means that annotations can also be referred back to. Meanwhile, screen share support is available across mobile, web, and desktop; a basic vendor allows web-only functionality.


Our redaction feature can also be critical when it comes to apps where privacy is a major concern. It enables your agents to ‘black out’ sensitive information. This content never leaves the end-user's device, obscures the information from the agent alone, and still lets the end-user see the redacted content. A much-utilized feature in the banking industry.


Discover a full list of the differences between us and the competition.

The data residency and compliance for Cobrowse means information is tightly protected. We adhere to CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA, and AICPA SOC compliances. These are supported by our ISO 27001 certification, DPA/BAAs, and the freedom to self-host on the cloud, or 100% on premises. Meanwhile, our Global Cloud offering (US-only) or EU Cloud are available for your needs.


Data security is also a fundamental part of Cobrowse. User consents, data masking, single sign on (SAML), audit logs, session video recordings, and integrated reporting all combine to maintain all of our compliance obligations.

Cobrowse supports both Genesys Cloud and Engage. For Genesys Engage, you can install Cobrowse on both Web and Desktop editions.

Case studies from other clients show us that using Cobrowse will cause handle times to go down due to the detailed level of support being given. CSAT scores should also see a marked improvement as your customers enjoy an improved level of support.

With live and direct support, the Cobrowse experience is similar to a customer being in-store. Your agents are able to give detailed advice to provide an outstanding personalized experience that elevates your brand, this is particularly useful for high-value and luxury products.

Cobrowse was created to be highly configurable and extensible out-of-box to satisfy a variety of customer requirements. However, we never stop looking at ways to improve.

Next Steps

We’d be happy to give a product demo, answer any technical questions, or share best practices.