Make it clear in Freshchat

Ready for real-time customer support? Intuitive sales? Great, because it’s all part of the Cobrowse package that seamlessly integrates screen share with Freshchat.

Take control of your app on a customer’s device and empower your agents to do what they do best.
Make it clear in Freshchat

Easy setup

Our SDKs have been built to get you started quickly and effortlessly. Running FreshChat? Match it with Cobrowse simply by adding the SDK to your Web or Native applications and installing Cobrowse from the Marketplace. You’ll be ready to connect with your customers directly within FreshChat.

private deployment


Cobrowse is already an integral part of many support and sales teams around the world. We’re confident you’ll feel the same once you give it a try, so we’ve made it free to set up and test for your business.

private deployment


Your customers will have a range of requirements across a variety of operating systems. So we’ve made sure Cobrowse works on every main platform: Web, Android, iOS, React Native, Xamarin, Windows, and MacOS.

private deployment

Make it yours

One size definitely doesn’t fit all. So we’ve made Cobrowse fully customisable. It means your developers can tweak it to fit your precise needs and make it look and feel as part of your product.

private deployment


We get that a lot. However, there are a few key differences that separate us from the pack. Such as full video recording, that means your team can refer back to the fix in the future. Annotation, which allows for useful information to be conveyed and retained for recordings, and screen share support across mobile, web, and desktop. Most basic vendors allow web-only functionality.


For apps where privacy is paramount, our redaction feature allows you to ‘black out’ sensitive information for your user. This feature will hide selected information from the agent only, while your user will be able to see redacted content as normal. A crucial peace-of-mind addition used by many of our banking customers.


These are just a few of the benefits. Check out the full list of the differences between us and the competition.

Our data residency and compliance means information is always protected. We adhere to GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and AICPA SOC compliances. These measures are further backed up by our ISO 27001 certification, DPA/BAAs, and the flexibility to self-host on the cloud, or 100% on premises. If you’d prefer us to host, our Global Cloud offering (US-only) or EU Cloud are on-hand for your needs.


Data security is also at the heart of Cobrowse’s features. Data masking, user consents, single sign on (SAML), session video recordings, audit logs, and integrated reporting all combine to maintain all of our compliance obligations.

We’d hope your agents would tell you what a difference it is making. But the analysts in your team should see handle times go down due to being able to see your users' problems first hand, while CSAT scores should go up due to the improved quality of support.

Being in the same room for a sales pitch is powerful but when that isn’t possible, being able to demonstrate your product in real-time is just as potent. With remote sales, your team can make their interactive pitch more unique. Think of all the questions and concerns a customer might have pre-checkout and imagine being able to cover those live, instantly. is designed to be highly configurable and extensible out-of-box to meet a wide range of customer needs. We are also available on a case-by-case basis to add new features or change the way things work to meet your requirements.

For self-service customers, you may find our Cloud Terms of Service and Data Processing Agreement at Legal Terms. For Enterprise customers, we have a separate enterprise software license agreement which also includes our enterprise service level agreement.

Next Steps

We’d be happy to give a product demo, answer any technical questions, or share best practices.